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June 2011
Dogs and fresh fleeces . . . mmm!

Ginger meets Ginger. Half of Ginger's lovely 2011 fleece went to a friend in Spokane, WA this year. When Robin brought the fleece into the house her beautiful dog Ginger couldn't wait to make friends with her namesake. Over the years, many fleece buyers have regaled me with stories of their dogs falling in love with fresh fleeces direct from SkyLines Farm. Ooh, all those interesting farm smells!

May 2011
The grazing season begins and the LGDs really shine . . .

It's summer finally! The sheep have moved from the lambing barn back out to the main summer grazing pastures. Every time I turn the sheep into a fresh pasture, the Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) Angus, Lily, and Vera spring into action. They rush through the gate and immediately set about cruising the entire perimeter and seemingly every square foot of the interior, investigating what critters have passed through recently and ascertaining that nobody's in that pasture who shouldn't be.
What great dogs they are . . . and what peace of mind they give me!


This healthy little lamb has the same sweet personality and incredible fleece as her mom Nikki. She's a keeper!

Great Pyrenees LGD Lily returns to the sheep after checking on the horses at the far side of the pasture.


April 2011
Aaah . . . it's lambing season again . . .











2011 Annual Lambing School


One of the most-loved parts of Lambing School is geting hands-on with the babies!
Here, the shepherdess (right) helps a participant with bottle feeding her first lamb.


One of the wildly popular lamb cuddling sessions.


And more lamb cuddling...


MARCH 2011

It's the SkyLines Farm annual Shearing Day and the ewes are in the barn area
awaiting the shearing crew's arrival at 7am. Checking out the camera is Romney-Montadale
ewe Nikki, one of my favorite girls. Nikki always has twins and is a fabulous mom, has a gentle,
sweet personality AND she grows an exquisite fleece every year. The perfect sheep!

The SkyLines rams are much more interested in this sliver of alfalfa
than they are the photographer, as they wait their turn for their annual haircuts.
(left to right Bruno, Lightning, Jack)


Beautiful black ewe Carmen gets her first-ever shearing.


Happy Skirting Crew! We always seem to have a great group of folks who volunteer to help out with Shearing Day, and this year was no exception. This was one fun bunch and we laughed all day long!

In this pic, the skirting crew is hard at work on one of the natural-colored fleeces, picking off every little bit of hay, second cuts, manure, any stray weed seeds.....anything at all that a spinner doesn't want to find as she's creating a fabulous skein from SkyLines Farm wool. Thanks again, everybody, for all your hard work!



The SkyLines breeding rams (left to right) Lightning, Jack and Bruno
are well equipped for winter, staying snug and toasty in their amazingly heavy wool fleeces!


The ewes grow somewhat lighter fleeces than the rams do, but they're
warm and toasty all winter long too.



 It's been a cold and snowy winter so far, but no big deal for the SkyLines team of Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. Here, Angus (the only Pyr who doesn't live with the sheep fulltime) lounges on the deck unfazed by the blizzard-like conditions. The Pyrenees all have a thick, deep warm undercoat plus a heavy outer coat that keeps them toasty warm in the fiercest weather.


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