SkyLines' methods avoid chemicals whenever possible . . .

At SkyLines Farm, we:

  • Do not provide animal feed or supplements containing any animal by-products
    (never have and never will).
  • Do not provide feed or supplements containing antibiotics, chemical wormers, or any other growth-promoting or disease-inhibiting drugs.
  • Do not use growth hormones or fertility enhancers of any sort.
  • Do not use chemical wormers for internal or external parasite control in the sheep, beef, or pigs.*
  • Avoid using antibiotics as the first approach for treating illness. (Any market lamb that does need antibiotics or other medications is identified and sold through conventional channels.)
  • Do not use herbicides or pesticides in the hayfield and pastures.

Click on the links below to explore some of the ways we keep SkyLines animals happy and healthy while avoiding chemical use as much as possible.

Alternatives to Antibiotic Use

Parasite Control Methods

Other management practices that contribute to superb animal health
Simply avoiding chemicals in raising the animals and running the farm will not guarantee good health, of course. This is simply one of several critical factors, such as good nutrition, frequent pasture rotation, open and airy barns, lots of exercise, and avoiding activities that can allow disease to be imported to the farm. As always, balance seems to be the key.

Click here for details on other management practices at SkyLines Farm.


* Click here for info regarding nasal bots in sheep and using Ivomec for treatment. (Warning: The text in this link contains graphic descriptions of icky things that can happen to sheep. Click at your own discretion.)



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