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What we do
SkyLines Farm carefully breeds quality Romneys and select Romney-cross sheep. These pampered animals produce exquisite natural-colored and white handspinning fleeces that are lustrous, clean, extra soft, and a joy to spin. (Visit the Handspinning Fleeces pages to learn more about SkyLines fleeces.)

Beginning in 2006 I added beef steers and feeder pigs to the operation, caring for them using the same sustainable management practices and attention to detail that the sheep were receiving.

In 2013 I sold the sheep portion of the business and greatly expanded the grassfed beef and pastured pig operations.

My personal goal: Try to care for these gentle
creatures and the land itself with
wisdom, intelligence and compassion.

Some of SkyLines' contented sheep.

My goal for SkyLines Farm sheep: Carefully breed and nurture happy, healthy, strong sheep, growing premium handspinning fleeces that are "full of life."
(Update: We no longer coat any of our sheep.)

How we do it
The natural method
Avoiding the use of chemicals whenever possible is a guiding principle at SkyLines Farm - in raising the animals, in growing their hay, in tending my personal gardens, and in caring for the land in general. Nature's miracle herb garlic figures heavily in the management plan, and many of the animals have even come to like it!

Rotational grazing
Intensive rotational grazing is a major factor in eliminating the use of chemicals. The animals graze pastures intensively for short periods of time, and then they are moved to fresh grass, leaving the former pasture free to rest and regrow. Portable electric fencing has made this possible. (The Management Practices pages provide more detail on these and other management practices.)

It's working!
I've been raising sheep, beef, pigs & horses this way since 1992, and the result is a family of contented animals that birth easily, have virtually no health problems, and sheep that grow fleeces that are "full of life."

The gentle guardians
A team of Great Pyrenees dogs and a donkey named Peaches do a wonderful job of protecting the animals from coyotes and other predators.

Visit the Management Practices pages to learn more about the predator issue and the gentle guardians who watch over SkyLines Farm.

Right, the Great Pyrenees dogs King and young Emily love guarding their animals, but they keep a close eye on each other too.

King & Emily play in the snow.

Where we are
SkyLines Farm is located in remote northern Idaho, 30 miles from the small town of Moscow, which is home to the University of Idaho.

SkyLines Farm's 63 acres lie about halfway between the rolling wheat country of eastern Washington - called the Palouse - and the densely forested mountains of Idaho's St. Joe National Forest. The farm is a lovely mix of fertile hayfield, lush pastures, and cool green forestland. The farm's name was inspired by the remarkable skylines that frame the view from every angle (combined with my own last name, of course!).

The joys of telecommuting
In addition to being head shepherdess of SkyLines Farm, I also work occasionally as a freelance writer and editor. I'm very fortunate to be able to telecommute from my farm/home office, which means I can do my writing work with one eye on the computer screen and the other on the sheep grazing outside my office window. Life is good . . .

Thank you for visiting this site, I hope you find it informative, useful, and maybe even a tiny bit inspiring. Check back again soon, as I'll continue to add information about sustainable agriculture practices, wool and wool products, and the sheep who make it all possible. Melissa

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