Buying fiber online can be a little scary, even if you do have the luxury of a close-up photo like the fleece pictures on the SkyLines Handspinning Fleeces pages.

I know the feeling. I've purchased fiber online myself, sometimes without even a photo to go by. The experiences of other spinners can be very helpful though, so I've reprinted (with permission) a few of the many positive comments I've received over the years from SkyLines Farm customers.

What SkyLines fleece customers
are saying . . .

Nissa . . .
Nissa's's exquisite fleece arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased. There is beautiful crimp, a lovely sheen, healthy fiber, and gorgeous staple. I'll want to reserve this one for 2013, please. Thanks so much for the wonderful ways you care for your flock.
Sue, Renton WA

(Same fleece, next year) Nissa's fleece arrived today. I have to confess I was completely freaked out by the size of the box in my living room. Then I opened the box and pulled out a staple to wash. I have to hand it to you - you grow some of the most beautiful fleece in America! I'm so impressed. The length of the staple is phenomenal, the color impeccable, and the texture exquisite. Each lock is really strong, beautiful fiber. Thank you so much! Sending kudos and much gratitude for your efforts.
Sue, Renton WA

Dottie . . .
I picked up the fleece on Thursday and it is lovely. I washed a few locks up and they cleaned up so easily. I'm really pleased with the softness, crimp and LUSTRE!
Thanks very much!
Denise - Ogdensburg, NY

Della . . .
I got the fleece yesterday. I absolutely love it - you could pick a fleece for me any time! I love the crimp. The color is gorgeous and it is so soft I didn't want to take my hands out of it. It is so nice and clean too! My adult children were impressed with the little odor it had - we had some really dirty merino last year and they were quite anxious to help me get it sent out to Zeilinger's. You definitely get what you pay for when buying a fleece. I truly enjoy working with your fleeces. They handle well during washing and they are a dream to spin. Thanks!
Suzanne, Alabaster AL

Della . . .
(Same fleece, next year) I got the fleece today. This is a real beauty and the coloring is magnificent. I can't wait to be off from school for the summer to work this one up. It feels wonderful and looks very clean. Spinners who don't try your fleeces don't know what they're missing. I will not buy anyone else's anymore because I've had the best results with your fleeces. Thanks again!
Suzanne, Alabaster AL

Cookie & Bonnie . . .
I can't get over how soft Cookie the wether lamb fleece is, and how dark the dark locks are. He must have been a beauty in his full fleece! And the white fleece Bonnie is exactly as I have come to expect from SkyLines Farm. Gorgeous and soft, bouncy and full of crimp!
Charlotte, Montgomery AL

Georgia . . .
I went to the post office to pick up the fleece today! It's stunning, lovely variegation in each lock! I love the light fibers and the tips, it's so much colour in it. It'll be so interesting to see how it looks in yarn form, I haven't had a fleece with so much heathering in each lock before. Looks beautiful!
Ingrid M, Bergen, Norway

Margaret . . .
I received Margaret's fleece today. What I saw when I turned the bag opening back and let light in is absolutely wonderful. The crimp! The colors! The length! The softness! Tempts me to ask you to put my name on Margaret's fleece for next year, too, just so I can compare the two. Variegated fleeces may be becoming a passion for me. Thanks so much. This is going to be a wonderful fleece to work with.
Laura, Junction City, Kansas

(Same fleece, next year) Margaret's fleece came yesterday afternoon. It's beautiful again and I look forward to working with it. Thanks so much for your prompt response. And for all your work to produce such wonderful, beautiful fleeces!
Laura - Junction City, KS

Charlotte, Diane
I wanted to let you know I acquired Charlotte's fleece from its original purchaser last summer, and it is a delight! I am spinning a 2 ply aran weight (well, mostly aran weight...) yarn for a shawl right now. I had originally planned to dye the yarn but the variegated grey is so lustrous that I am going to leave it it's natural color. Also, Dianne's 2011 fleece has become a sweater, a pair of boot socks, and a demonstration for my daughter's culture box (England) since Romneys were originally bred in that country. I'm looking forward to Dianne's full fleece again this spring. Thank you!
Joelle - Golden Valley, MN

Pauline . . .
It's beautiful! I LOVE Pauline's fleece! I love the variegation. It smells so nice and SHEEPY! I admit it - I like the smell of clean sheep:) Thank you. I can't wait to wash it and see all the colors just brighten up even more!
Michele, Jersey City, NJ

Molly & Annie . . .
The fleeces arrived today. Oooooo, aaaaaahhh, oh my gosh! Look at that! Wow! This part took several minutes. Then I washed several representative staples. I am really surprised at the length of Annie's wool. It is much longer than I thought it would be for a lamb. It is lovely wool. Thank you, thank you!
Sue - Rochester, MN

Alice . . .
Alice's fleece arrived this afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful, and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with it. I can't believe how clean it is. Thank you so very much for all the work you put into offering such quality fleeces for handspinners. I am so glad I found your site. You will have future business from me. Please tell Alice she is beautiful. Thanks so much!
Margaret - Newark, NY

Charlotte . . .
The UPS man just left and Charlotte's fleece is beyond gorgeous! I really couldn't be happier with it, I am already planning how to spin and knit it. The variegation of colors is so amazing, I'm imagining a sweater for next winter that shows off the color gradation. Thank you again, I will definitely be reserving with you again for next year.
Sarah, Martinsville IN

Georgia . . .
She's GORGEOUS!! I can't believe how clean this fleece is. I pulled out a bunch of locks and the tips are even cleaner than any other fleece I've received . . . the body of the lock is clean as can be, and doesn't have that heavy sheep smell. I'm so happy and this fleece was worth every cent. I will most definitely reserve Georgia for next year. Thank you SOOO much!
Daphne - Lansing, MI

My half of Linda's fleece arrived here in Norway yesterday. I am so thrilled with it - it is just beautiful, and so soft and clean! It has just the right handle and subtle variegation for the sweater I want to make. I will definitely reserve another of your fleeces for next year, I am just waiting for the website to be updated. There are so many that I want it is difficult to choose! Thanks again.
Molly - Ringsaker, Norway

Sugar & Sophia . . .
The beautiful, soft, clean fleeces arrived and I have washed parts of them. I just love them! Sugar .. more like powered sugar, is so soft, and I can spin it from the locks (amazing). I have a drum carder but hardly see the need to card it.
Someone really knows what they are doing when shearing your sheep...and it shows. I congratulate you on raising such beautiful, and obviously well taken care of animals. Thanks again from a happy customer.
Jeannie - Grand Cane, LA

Sunny . . .
I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the fleece- such colors and fine crimp - gorgeous. I can't wait to play with it! Thank you for your wonderful work with the sheep, you are very much appreciated!
Tamara - Roseville CA

Madeline . . .
Madeline's fleece came today, and it's absolutely lovely! I'm debating whether to actually work on the big pile of family laundry so we'll have some clean clothes to wear, or whether to soak Madeline's fleece in the washer instead -- frankly, I'm leaning toward Madeline! Thanks so much for the gorgeous fleece -- can't wait to put aside that blasted Merino and spin some Romney!
Linda - Excelsior, MN

Francine . . .
Today might not have been great at work but it was very exciting when I got home! I was thrilled when I opened the fleece. It smelled so "sheepy clean"! It really is a gorgeous fleece. There is so little VM in it, it's amazing. I love the natural colors of it - they're beautiful. The oatmeal ends are a nice touch too. It's so soft, and so nice to touch (it doesn't have that greasy feeling either.) I had a real problem leaving it alone long enough to cook dinner - it just felt so good. I can't wait until the weekend when I can start working with it. I am very, very pleased and would like to reserve Francine again for next year. Thank you!
Suzanne - Alabasta, AL

Francine . . .
I finally got to look at Francine's 2011 fleece. It is gorgeous! It's even darker and more lustrous than last year year, and so soft.
I love it! Thanks.
Suzanne - Alabasta, AL

Cameo . . .
I am taking a break from processing some of Cameo's fleece to let you know that I received it today. The locks wash beautifully to a stunning whiteness, flick card easily and draw so evenly during spinning. They are clean, soft, lustrous and have a lovely waviness. They are also resilient, a quality I appreciate in the post-cleansing process. And...your organizational and communication skills have allowed our transaction to progress effortlessly. Thank you!
Darlene, Highland, CA

Polly & Louise . . .
Lordy, lordy, lordy...Polly and Louise arrived this morning. Gads...they are gorgeous! I washed a hunk of each and towel dried them. I don't know if it's the light in here or what, but Louise has a slight blue-lavender undertone. Really beautiful! I got a grey fleece from (...another sheep farm) last year, a lovely prizewinning fleece but it was just that - grey. Louise is a real silver. And Polly is so dark and soft I can't wait to get started. I am totally pleased with them. Thanks, Melissa!
Marilyn - Winchester, KY

Lilli, Ginger . . .
I'm so excited, I received Lili and Ginger today. After seeing how clean the fleeces are I don't think I need to send them off to Zeilinger's. . . . they are so wonderful. . . . you are a rare find. I hope to be your customer for a long time. Thank you!
Gloria - San JoseCA

Ariel, Julius . . .
My fleeces arrived yesterday afternoon. They are beautiful! I washed up a few locks of each one. The white one (Julius) has very loose crimp and the luster is amazing. I looked at the washed locks under a full spectrum light this morning and it shines as if it contained silk! Ariel's fleece is my favorite of the two, I think (close call), because it has more crimp and is soooooo soft!!! The color is spectacular! Wow! Thank you for producing such beautiful wool!
Susan - Rochester, MN

Ariel . . .
I am almost done processing Ariel's fleece and it's absolutely fantastic. Your service was excellent and genuinely appreciated. Her fleece was very clean and just as you described on the website! If possible, I'd like to reserve half her fleece for next year as well.
Luisa - Washington, DC,

Ariel . . .
I just came back from the 2007 MD Sheep and Wool Festival where I entered a skein I spun from Ariel's fleece into the Skein and Garment Competition. It's my first time entering the contest...and the skein actually won a blue ribbon. In particular, the judge commented on the luster and sheen of the wool, which is absolutely true... her fleece was GORGEOUS. It was the first fleece I ever bought and I've bought many since. And I have to say it's still one of the nicest I've ever seen (the only comparable ones were ribbon winners at MD!) I've attached a
picture of the winning skein. Thanks for the great fleece!
Luisa - Washington, DC

Helen . . .
I received Helen's fleece yesterday and I have to say it's gorgeous! This one is even more beautiful than the last one I bought from you (Nadine), and that's saying a LOT. Thank you for sending it so promptly. I can't wait to see what it's like to spin!
Paula, Ft. Collins, CO

Ginger . . .
I just got Ginger's utterly gorgeous fleece in. She's beautiful! Wonderful color! Thanks very much!
Nancy - Austin, Texas

Grace . . .
Grace's fleece arrived on Monday afternoon -- oh my gosh! It's so beautiful! I really look forward to spinning it. Lately I've been working with a short-stapled Corriedale that a friend washed kind of haphazardly, and it's not that much fun to card and spin. Grace will be heavenly! Thanks so much, Melissa!
Linda - Excelsior, MN

Grace . . .
Grace was waiting by my front door when I got home last night. She is very beautiful. I have to admit that it took me a while to order a fleece over the Internet - one that I couldn't stick my hand into - but I am not disappointed. On the contrary, I can't wait to get started on it!
Leslie - Vershire, VT

Norma . . .
2006: Our team won our PA State Farm Show sheep to shawl competition on Wednesday! Eight teams participated from all over the state. You'll be happy to know that part of the warp for our shawl was Norma's fleece. We did a shawl
based on a photo that was taken by my house last winter.  The result was beautiful, and the judges loved it too. Here's a picture of the winning shawl...

Norma's fleece is the BEST I've ever worked with for warp on the loom. It has the length and strength of the Romney, but with that lovely softness from the Montadale and Suffolk lurking around in her genes. It takes dye beautifully, and I know we'll use her fleece again for next year's competition. Thanks so much!
Libby - Lewisburg, PA

2007: Norma did not disappoint this year. As expected, her fleece floats through my hands like a fluffy white cloud - it's fabulous!!!! It almost spins itself, and as a spinner, it makes me look REALLY good!!! Thanks so much and please tell Norma how much her fleece is appreciated back here in PA!
Libby - Lewisburg, PA

2008: I'm still spinning Norma's 2008 fleece, but I thought maybe I'd better get in touch with you to see if it's too early to reserve her 2009 fleece. Once again, the majority of the warp for our 2009 PA State Farm Show competition shawl will be made up of Norma; I still get that fantastic drape and soft handle. She's amazing!
Libby - Lewisburg, PA

2010: Norma's fleece just arrived and it's GORGEOUS!!! And HUGE! Wow, did she ever produce wool this year. Holy cow. And it SMELLS so good. I love fresh fleece. I always send Norma's entire fleece to the mill, but this year I'm going to hold some back for ME to card and spin. Tell Norma well done! (you too:) Thanks!
Libby - Lewisburg, PA

Delores & Pauline . . .
Delores and Pauline arrived safely this afternoon. They look gorgeous! I immediately washed and dryed a little lock of each. They are soft as little clouds. I'm donating the tiny locks to the backyard birds who are actively looking for nesting material. Thanks for another great pair of fleeces! Keep doing what you're doing, Melissa.  We appreciate you and your wonderful  products.
Kathy - Morristown, NJ

Gracie, Maxine, Louise . . .
Both of the beautiful fleeces arrived safe and sound. I have scoured Gracie's lamb fleece and it is just beyond beautiful. So many colors to play with! I can't wait to dig in. I also got the other half of Maxine's fleece and it looks just gorgeous too...of course!

I must tell you that I used Louise's 2010 fleece to make my first fleece-to-garment project and it turned out sure to give Louise a good pat for me! I spun the wool on a vintage Quebec saxony wheel I refurbished last year and, after drumcarding, spun a lofty two-ply worsted-weight yarn and knit my hubby a vest. He loves it. It is not too hot either so he will get a lot of wear out of it. I have reserved Louise's fleece again for 2012 - can't wait! Love the pics on your website too. Thanks again, so much.
Tamara, Roseville, CA

Lili (fleece), Julie & Sydney (roving)
Your fiber arrived today and it is lovely! I am very impressed with how clean and gorgeous it is. It is true Romney! Thank you for being a farmer who takes pride in your fleeces. It is very sound too. Cheers!
Talia - Laramie, WY

Sydney . . .
Sydney's 1/2 fleece arrived in good shape in March and I got it washed and partially spun. Needless to say I love the fleece. I separated the dark grey locks from the pale grey ones and spun the dark ones. I am saving the pale grey part of the fleece for something really special because I am very fond of the color and the blonde tips. If it isn't already spoken for, I would like to reserve Angel's 2006 fleece. And, is Elmer's 2005 fleece still for sale?
Philip - Cincinnatti, OH

Audrey . . .
Audrey's fleece arrived on Friday and even though I was packed and leaving for a spinning weekend, I couldn't wait to wash a little handful of her beautiful fleece! It washed so beautifully that I brought the damp locks to my spinning guild meeting to show off the beautiful fiber. I got home last night and started washing the fleece right after work today--I just couldn't wait!! It is so beautiful!!! I just love it. It is an interesting fleece because it is actually softer than most Romney--I wonder if it is the addition of the Suffolk that has done that?
Jessie - Salem, CT

Lucy . . .
Lucy's fleece arrived safely yesterday and it is GORGEOUS!!! Merle hasn't seen it yet but she will be entirely delighted with it. Thanks so much--you are providing us with months of wonderful spinning time!!
Jessie - Salem, CT

Ashley . . .
Ashley arrived last Friday and is as soft as her name. A really pure silver! I love it! Thanks!
Marilyn - Winchester, KY

Penny . . .
Hi Melissa, Penny arrived yesterday. Took her out mmmmm, great smell ooooo wonderful feel...lots of beauty. I spin in the grease but washed some today to see.... lovely...thank you!!!!!!
Martha - Parksville, BC Canada

Lucy & Greta . . .
They're here!!! I just opened the box. What wonderful colors! I had planned to send them out for scouring/carding but now, looking at these wonderful colors I'm seriously considering doing it myself so I can keep the variegations of color.
Margaret - Cambridge, MA

Lydia . . .
When I first started spinning again, I had some bad luck with a couple of suppliers and I started getting discouraged. Then I found a few, including yourself, who have made looking at fiber, planning and buying it really fun and pleasurable.

I really enjoy knowing the names of the sheep, and the photos on your website make it seem more like I wandered down the road and picked it out myself. I'm very happy with everything I've purchased from you. Thanks again.
Nancy - Austin, TX

Julie's fleece arrived today and it is exquisite! I may just wash it and flick card it instead of sending it off for processing. I am very happy with it! Thanks a bunch!
Boni - Enumclaw, WA

Stella, Audrey, Sylvia, Angel . . .
What a wonderful present! I just got home from a loooonnngg day doing tax returns and the fleeces were here waiting on me. They are beautiful! And so soft! Can't wait to work with them. And I love the smell of freshly shorn fleeces. Thank you so much. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Emily - East Haven, CT

Greta . . .
Greta's fleece is spread out in my bedroom (the kids all think I'm nuts) where I will let it come to room temperature before deciding what to do with it. It is a gorgeous grey and a very, very clean fleece. I don't know how you do it, but at first glance it appears to be cleaner, believe it or not, than some covered fleeces I've purchased in the past. Thanks again for all you do. I look forward to your updated website to reserve my 2008 fleece.

Greta update 7/07...I have now washed half the fleece and would like to add that's it's been a breeze to clean. This only confirms what I had mentioned earlier. By the third rinse, the water runs clear (fleeces purchased from other sources usually require at least four and often five rinses).
Suzanne - Armonk, NY

Amy . . .
A much belated note to let you know Amy got here just fine, and she is beautiful! I got her washed yesterday and look forward to working with her. You do have wonderful fleeces and are a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to additional purchases in the future.
Emily - East Haven, CT

Louise & Cameo . . .
The fleeces arrived and they are just luscious - I can't wait to play with them. Thank you so much!
Tamara - Roseville, CA

Mary . . .
It's here! It's here! The fleece arrived early this afternoon. I immediately grabbed a few hunks, washed them put them on a towel in the sun to dry. Melissa...the wool pulls and combs out into a snowy, glistening gossamer! Compared to some fleeces I have worked with, this one has virtually no VM. It spins out smooth and satiny and is a joy to work with. I will be contacting you next year for a colored fleece and probably another white one. Thank you, thank you!
Marilyn - Winchester, KY

Beverly, Shirley, Rosalie . . .
The fleeces are here and they are gorgeous! Thank you!
Margaret, Charlottesville, VA,

Colette . . .
The fleece arrived today. It is just beautiful and WOW the fiber length and luster. Thanks.
Helen - Cody, WY

Dorothy . . .
I finally had a chance to open and sort the fleece last night. What a pretty fleece! And so clean and fresh (smells soooo good)! The crimp and handle are exactly what I was looking for. It will make a beautiful sweater yarn! I can't wait to wash it and work with it . . . Thank you again for the wonderful fleece and wonderful communication!
YK, Lawrenceville, NJ

Beverly, Ginger, Eleanor . . .
The fleeces are here and are just beautiful. Beverly is a wonderful dark brown when washed - no light flecks, which is just what I wanted.
...I have washed all of her now - and it is both brown and black! The brown is very beautiful, not shiny, and the dark grey has lots of luster! My little dog Ginger loves to sleep in the drying fleece in the sun - here's a picture of her with
Beverly's washed fleece.

Ginger is great! Grey with undertones of brown which gives the yarn depth.

Eleanor is lovely. It is great spun up, and I am going to ply it with a medium brown Columbia fleece I have and I think it will then give me enough for a great tweedy vest or scarf and hat.

Your fleeces are so clean that I won't be sending any of them out. I love washing fleece when there is not much vm and my Patrick Green carder will whip everything into great roving. Thank you.
Gayle - Albuquerque, NM

Emma . . .
Emma's 2001 fleece arrived today. I am washing it now. But, when I opened the box, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. She'll wash, spin and knit up beautifully. Thank you for the opportunity to buy Emma's fleece, and of course - thanks to Emma!!
Rachael - Piedmont, California

Georgia . . .
I just did a little test with a handful of fleece, and then flick carded it after it dried. So lovely and soft, smooth, and with a lovely wavy crimp. Just what I like. And so easy to card! I'm going to particularly enjoy this. I was going to send this fleece off in for carding after I scoured it - but I just may have to do it all myself, it was so easy and fast. Thanks for growing wool that is very inspiring, now I just need more (non job) time to play.
Holly, Indianapolis, IN

Emma, Summer . . .
Emma & Summer's fleeces were waiting for me when I got home last night! They look wonderful and I can't wait to start spinning them up! Thanks again.
Margaret - Revere, MA

Jillian . . .
Re: Jillian's fleece! WOW!!!
Well, what can I say, it's stunning! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Some of it may find itself as warp on my loom for our team's next demo on July 16th. I have a moorit fleece that we're going to use for the weft, and it would be such a pretty contrast. Thanks SO much - I love it!!!!
Libby - Lewisburg, PA

Peggy Sue . . .
Peggy Sue's fleece is now soaking in my sink. Very nice, so soft, and I am surprised at the long tips! It will be so much fun to spin and knit, I am thinking Christmas presents...
I am again amazed at how clean your fleeces are, especially compared to my previous experiences with buying fleeces. Part of the first fleece I ever bought still sits in storage, felted, because of all the washing I had to do to get it clean. Even your lambs wool is much cleaner than I anticipated, being kids and all. You do good work! Thanks again, keep me on your mailing list!
Christine - Boise, ID

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Peggy Sue's fleece. I washed some of it this weekend and I'm very impressed. After a bad experience with some not-very-nice Romney when I started spinning, I kind of avoided it for a while. Your website looked like a good place to try again, and I'm so glad I did. It's so much softer than I expected, and so shiny. I can hardly wait to start spinning.
Stacey - Rockville, MD

Nadine, Colette
Just wanted to let you know that the fleeces arrived safely yesterday, and I LOVE them. Nadine's is so springy! Well, they both are, but hers really took on a life of its own in the handful that I washed last night, and Colette's has the most beautiful, creamy luster. Fresh, beautiful wool and a new wheel, does life get any better than this? Thanks again.
Kellee - Somerville, MA

The fleece arrived this afternoon. It's beautiful! So clean, and the colors and lustre are wonderful. I'm looking forward to working on it. Thanks!
Anne - Austin, TX


Write or call if you have questions about a fleece
These are just a few of the many positive comments about my fleeces that I've received over the years. If you're thinking about a particular fleece and still have questions, please feel free to contact me. I may have worked with the fleece myself, or I can give you a "hands-on" evaluation of the fleece's suitability for your project. I want to match the right fleece to the right spinner! Melissa



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