Melissa Lines
Writing - Editing
Direct Marketing over the Internet

Have you enjoyed visiting this website? I may be able to apply my years of writing, editing, and web marketing experience to your project or business too.

Here's the condensed version of my 30-year professional background

  • Develop and write highly effective corporate training programs and instructional materials
  • Design and write comprehensible, useable, and useful software user manuals
  • Edit, publish, and market a professional journal covering the field of Mac computer software for builders and architects
  • Write and edit comprehensive yet easy-to-read reports to funding agencies on highly technical university research

Writing and editing have been the mainstays of my career. It's one of the things I do best. But I've diversified a bit . . .

Building the flock
Since 1992, while continuing with my writing work, I've also been developing this farm and slowly building a high-quality flock of 100+ happy, healthy sheep who produce exquisite fibers for handspinners and organically raised, grassfed lamb. In the process I've learned a tremendous amount about raising sheep, growing quality wool, the ins and outs of raising animals organically, and, most valuable to this farm's success . . . how to market the farm's products over the Internet.

Building the farm's online presence
In 1998 I began to apply my communications and marketing skills to developing this website, promoting the site over the Internet, and building an online business presence for SkyLines Farm. The Internet has become my most effective marketing tool and the website now accounts for about 98% of the farm's sales.

Writing to communicate
My writing style has always been down to earth and to the point. I can communicate clearly and persuasively with a wide variety of readers, from corporate executives to building contractors, and university professors to river rafting guides who spin organic wool into yarn during the off-season.

Want to talk?
If you'd like to talk about how my years of writing, editing, and marketing experience might be useful to you or your business,
drop me a note to initiate the discussion, or call me at 208/875-8747.



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